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Learning never ends!

You've finished your Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing training. What's next??

EMDR is an exciting and effective modality to use in the therapeutic landscape. For those who want to explore the use of EMDR at a deeper level, certification is a great next step. Certification is generally more recognized by Insurance panels as well. As an EMDRIA approved Consultant-in-Training, I can provide 15 of the 20 consultation hours needed to meet certification requirements.

Some benefits of EMDR Therapy Certification are increased confidence in using the therapy model, greater proficiency with clients, a better understanding of how to work with complex trauma, and an expansion in interventions to help navigate therapeutic obstacles.

During my initial training, EMDR spoke to the core of my therapeutic heart. It captured the essence of the limitations I felt in general talk therapy. EMDR allowed the healing in my office to move beyond white knuckle behavioral changes. Since early 2018, I've trained under Saundra Paulsen in her Early Trauma Protocol as well as Robin Shapiro and her Easy Ego State Interventions. I've devoured countless books on EMDR and other joint modalities. I'm also Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Pain trained. I have a down to earth way of interacting with hard material.

My EMDR training coupled with my extensive experience with children from foster & adoptive backgrounds, to teens struggling with suicidality and anxiety, to adults remembering traumas once forgotten gives me a great foundation to share. Come join me as we navigate the healing journey of EMDR with our clients!

In January of 2022, I'll begin individual consultation and group consultation via zoom.

Click HERE to access EMDRIA's FAQ on EMDR certification.


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